Pinafore Pirates

The Pinafore PiratesBy Malcolm Sircom

13th – 14th July 2012

In a plot which has echoes of The Magnificent Seven, Daisy, daughter of Buttercup, seeks help to thwart a band of outrageous female pirates, who have taken her lover as a hostage.

With the help of Iolanthe, the Fairy Queen, and the Princess Ida, she enlists the aid of The Mikado, The Scorcerer, The Duke of Plaza-Toro, Admiral Sir Joseph Porter, and Major-General Stanley to save the day.



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Daisy, Daughter Of Buttercup – Daisy Mitchell
Christopher, Daisy’s Beau – Nathan Keepax-Phillips
Islander 1 – Danny Faulkner
Islander 2 – Hollister Jacobs
Islander 3 – Daisy Dabb

Islanders Chorus

The Pirate Queen – Lauren Kelly
Sam O’Nella, The Pirates Cook – Lauren Miller
Susan – April Reeves
Cynthia – Serena Self
Moira – Emily Freeman
Bella – Leanna Strange
Stella – Bronte Gearing

The Seven
Iolanthe, Queen of the Fairies – Emma Mitchell
Princess Ida – Mia Chrichton
The Mikado – Adam Wilson
The Duke of Plaza-Toro – Ben Wilding
The Sorcerer – Leanna Strange
Admiral Sir Joesph Porter – Joseph Trotter
Major-General Stanley – Daniel Wilding

Nanette, an uncoordinated fairy – Maddie Ajgarni

Fairy Chorus
Hollister Jacobs
April Reeves
Daisy Dabb
Serena Self
Leanna Strange
Emily Freeman