Bugsy Malone

Libretto by Alan Parker
Words and Music by Paul Williams

6th – 7th June 2014

Bugsy Malone

A slapstick musical comedy, Bugsy Malone, follows the rivalry between two half-witted street gangs and the washed up, well-intentioned, one-time boxer who steps in to take control of Fat Sam’s gang and give Dandy Dan and his boys what they’ve got coming. In this film noir spoof, the message is one of good, clean fun; the characters are wonderful 1920’s cartoon cut outs; and the weapons of choice are “splurge” whip cream guns, flour bombs, and custard pies.

Photo’s are available to purchase from http://dialogdigital.co.uk/bugsymalone/

Bugsy Malone – Danny Faulkner
Blousey Brown – Eden Reece
Fat Sam – Adam Wilson
Tallulah – Lauren Woodley
Dandy Dan – Nathan Keepax-Phillips
Louella – Ella Barnes
Fizzy – Daisy Mitchell

Fat Sam’s Gang
Knuckles – Daisy Dabb
Louis – Isabelle Poulter
Snake Eyes – Josh King
Ritzy – Cameron Lewington

Dandy Dan’s Gang
Bronx Charlie – Harrison Joseph
Doodle  – Erin Hamilton
Benny Lee – Serena Self
Yonkers – Emily Freeman

Captain Smolsky – Serena Self
O’Dreary – Erin Hamilton
Seymour Scoop – Emily Freeman
Roxy Robinson – Erin Gower
Flash Frankie – Daniel Branco
Barber – Josh King
Newspaper Boy – Charlie McGuire

Grand Slam Singers
Bangles – April Reeves
Velma – Emma Mitchell
Tillie – Maddie Ajgarni

Grand Slam Dancers
Loretta – Mia Crichton
Dotty – Anna Kirrage
Betty – Amber Poulter
Lillian – Louisa Branco
Rita – Millie O’Brien
Clara – Isabelle Joseph
Elsie – Ella Barnes

Grand Slam Waitress 1 – Isabella Atkinson-Rudd
Grand Slam Waitress 2 – Erin Gower

Grand Slam Customers
Daniel Branco
Aiden Joseph
Ella Patel
Jacob Tobias
Charlie McGuire

Lena Marelli – Millie O’Brien
Oscar De Velt – Harrison Joseph
Marelli Dancer 1 – Amber Poulter
Marelli Dancer 2 – Anna Kirrage
Marelli Dancer 3 – Mia Crichton
Marelli Dancer 4 – Louisa Branco
Opera Singer – April Reeves
Marbini – Emma Mitchell
Ventriloquist – Maddie Ajgarni
Dummy – Cameron Lewington

Leroy – Josh King
Cagey Joe – Mia Crichton

Jacob Tobias
Charlie McGuire
Daniel Branco
Aiden Joseph
Harrison Joseph
Cameron Lewington

Pickett – Isabelle Poulter
Shady – Erin Hamilton
Looney Bergonzi – Isabelle Poulter

Chinese Laundry Workers
Ella Patel
Erin Gower
Isabella Atkinson-Rudd
Isabelle Jospeh

Down & Outs
Baby Face – Jacob Tobias
Daniel Branco
Aiden Joseph
Ella Patel
Charlie McGuire
Isabelle Joseph
Daisy Dabb
Isabelle Poulter
Cameron Lewington
Erin Gower
Isabella Atkinson-Rudd

Dandy Dan’s Maid – Emma Mitchell
Waitress in Cafe – Isabelle Joseph