Workshops & Festivals

Workshops are available to community groups, youth clubs, Beavers, Brownies, Scouts, Schools.

We can offer workshops specialising in singing, dance, acting, music or all of them together! We can create a workshop to meet your specific needs whether that’s covering part of the curriculum, working towards a badge, assisting in staging a production or just for a bit of fun and variety.

Here are four basic outlines of the workshops we can offer:

Musical Theatre
Taking an excerpt (scenes & musical number) from a popular musical (Bugsy Malone, Oliver, Peter Pan etc.) and working together to create a short piece to perform to parents and/or club staff using choreography, direction, music, props etc.

Same as above minus the musical element OR create a devised piece using the same tools.

Using various musical games/activities and instruments to create a new or covered piece of music to be performed to parents and/or club staff.

Handpicked drama games and activities to help increase various social/emotional skills including but not limited to; confidence, self esteem, teamwork, listening, speech, empathy etc.

Please note that the above is not exhaustive and is to be used as a rough guide to the sorts of workshops we can offer, each one can be tweaked to suit your needs and it is possible to take elements from each one to create your own perfect workshop.  Also, it is not compulsory to include performances.

You Can Fly Theatre Company are also available to run performing arts based activities at festivals across the country, whether it be a week or weekend we will join you armed with props and costumes and will create a piece of theatre to be performed to the other festival goers!

Contact us today to create your tailor made workshop or book us for your festival!