About Us

Lisa2Founded in 2012 ,You Can Fly Theatre Company C.I.C is a non profit community interest theatre company for children and young people aged 3-18 years based in North West Kent offering affordable theatre to the local community. Ideal for those who love to sing, dance, act, play instruments and laugh, we aim to teach various performing arts skills, take part in interesting and enjoyable workshops, and perform in a show every year.



As well as learning these skills we want to help children grow in confidence and self esteem, we’ve seen first hand how theatre can change a child’s perception of themselves and we want to continue with this work.

We offer a variety of classes to meet different ages and interests as well as workshops to local community groups, youth clubs, Beavers, Brownies,Scouts, Schools and Festivals as well as entertainment for children’s parties.


L & RWe truly feel that young people today aren’t given enough opportunity to shine but if we believe in them and tell them so with encouragement, positive words and a lot of fun thrown in, it’s amazing what they can do – just a bit of faith, trust (and a sprinkling of fairy dust) and your child could truly fly!

Join Us For An Awfully Big Adventure!

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