YCF went to see Disney’s Aladdin in the West End

ALDand we had a blast!

Everyone had a fantastic time and the overall consensus was that the Genie was outstanding and a definite favourite for our members.

We were also impressed by the sets, especially the cave of wonders, and the dazzling costumes covered in real swarovski crystals.

We had such a great time, we want to do it all over again!

Happy 5th Birthday YCF!

Yes, next year is our 5th birthday so we have big plans to celebrate in style! We have just announced our plans to the groups so here is all the information for you; please note that all dates are TBC.






We are so excited and hope that you are too, any questions please send us an email but full details will be given out next term. That’s us done for this year so we hope you all have a fantastic summer and we will see you on Tuesday 13th or Wednesday 14th September for exciting times ahead!

YCF are going to a festival!

We are extremely excited to announce that we are going to be running the Theatre Workshop at the Hedge-U-Cation Festival in Devon!

It is a week long family camp held in the May half term, where they run activities and workshops for all ages throughout the week. At the end of the week there will be a celebration with music, dance and performances that will have been created through the weeks activities!

So exciting! Check out their website for more information:http://hedgeucation.org/


“I kissed thee ere I killed thee, no way but this, Killing myself, to die upon a kiss.” – Othello by William Shakespeare

3 At 12pm Saturday 28th February YCF Drama’s first ever theatre trip was about to commence! As we excitedly huddled on Platform 1 conversation soon turned to what we were all going to see; Othello at Shakespeare’s the Globe Theatre in the City of London.

Anticipation was mounting as we drew closer and closer to the venue, when we finally arrived at Southbank we were treated to the stunning visual that is The Globe, “I thought it was smaller than it looks in pictures but it was still very good!” said one YCF Member. 2pm was just minutes away so we took our seats (yes, no standing for us!), wrapped up warm and enjoyed the ‘educational’ production of Othello.2

Othello was part of the Playing Shakespeare project for secondary and A-level students; Playing Shakespeare is an ideal platform for experiencing Shakespeare in performance for the first time.

Exploring themes of ambition, trust, prejudice, betrayal and jealousy, this is a show that left students and adults alike buzzing with the thrill of live theatre

1Wow – what a show!

“I think Othello was really interesting and I was impressed by the set”

“I liked Othello the most in the play as he was very prominent. I really enjoyed the trip!”

“My favourite character was Amelia as she was very good at being angry”

“My favourite character was Iago because he was really funny”


So with outstanding performances, impressive set and A LOT of fun along the way YCF Drama’s first ever trip was a huge success and has paved the way for many more to come!

A huge well done to all of you that came on the trip, you were a pleasure to take and you definitely upheld the YCF reputation.


Last but by no means least we owe a HUGE thank you for the generosity and kindness of Ethan Gardener’s Dad! He secured not only our tickets but bought souvenirs and programmes for all YCF Members as well! Thank you Glen, without you this amazing
trip would not have been possible!